The Mind Field: Whats Missing in Running Our Organizations

Tom Tavares

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In his groundbreaking new book The Mind Field: What's Missing in Running Our Organizations, Tavares describes the impact that the very structure of organizations has on the perception and behaviour of people and how it diminishes the speed and flexibility of companies. Companies, regardless of sector, industry, corporate culture, or the personalities involved, are plagued by short-term thinking, weak internal communication, and low levels of innovation, teamwork, and coaching. What is it that generates the striking similarity in human behaviour in so many organizations? Organizational psychologist Dr. Tom Tavares has the answer and he calls it the mind field a powerful psychological dimension at work in all organizations. You'll learn why traditional management approaches have no lasting impact on behaviour and why 90 per cent of employees at most organizations are underutilized. And you'll get a practical five-step process for managing the mind field in your organization. The issues addressed in this book are tied directly to Human Resources' basic mission to attract, develop, and retain the talent required to meet the operational and strategic plans of organizations. Sample Chapter and Testimonials Also available in eBook format.


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Human Resources,Labor and Employment Law


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