The TDG Compliance Manual - Clear Language Edition

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The premier information source on the Act and Regulations governing the transportation of dangerous goods in Canada, this single volume service explains all aspects of the topic in easy-to-understand terms. This Guide provides a clear explanation of all TDG requirements including:

  • Goods considered ""dangerous"" under the legislation
  • Dangerous goods handling
  • Placarding and labelling requirements for trucks, transport units, packages and containers
  • Training requirements for those handling dangerous materials
  • Safety requirements and how to comply
  • Colour illustrations of labels, placards and signs.
Additional help sections, such as a Clear Language Compliance Guide, a comprehensive subject index, a glossary of TDG terms and complete numerical index of dangerous goods, are included. Contents include
  • Section One - Publication Guide - A quick guide to what is inside the
    TDG Compliance Manual: Clear Language Edition, and how to get the most out of this helpful publication.
  • Section Two - Subject Index - The cross-reference of key words that appear in the manual.
  • Section Three - The TDG Act - The full text of the Act.
  • Section Four - TDG Regulations, Parts 1-16 - The complete text of the Clear Language Regulations as they appear in Canada Gazette Part II.
  • Section Five - Schedules 1 to 3 of the Regulations - All three Schedules, which are critical to complying with Clear Language, are included as they appear in Canada Gazette Part II. This version includes two additional columns added to Schedule 1 for Emergency Response Guide Numbers and abbreviated comments on Special Provisions in the Regulations.
  • Section Six - Emergency Guidebook - Excerpts from the CANUTEC Emergency Response Guidebook providing information to anyone who may be the first to arrive at the scene of a transportation incident involving dangerous goods.
  • Section Seven - Interpretive Guide - A layperson's guide to compliance with the Act and Regulations.
  • Appendix One - Clear Language Compliance Guide - This appendix includes guidelines, trends, contacts and Interim Orders.
  • Appendix Two - Additional Resources - This section includes notification and tracking of proposed regulations, including regulatory impact analysis statements, as applicable.
  • Appendix Three - Glossary of Terms.
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