Towards a Clear and Just Criminal Law A Criminal Reports Forum

Ron Delisle; Allan Manson; Don Stuart

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Editors: Don Stuart, Ronald J. Delisle and Allan Manson

A collection of articles focusing on the reform of every aspect of the criminal justice system - substantive, procedural, evidentiary and sentencing - with special emphasis on constructive and specific suggestions for legislative change and/or recodification. The papers were commissioned for a working conference involving academics, judges and practitioners, held at Queen's University. The four major papers include a case for a general part of the Criminal Code, a proposal to simplify criminal procedure, sentencing reform in Canada, and a comprehensive statement of evidence rules.

A number of reactive papers complete the collection:

  • A case against a comprehensive code of evidence
  • An examination of the place of victims in the criminal justice system
  • An exploration of the need for bail reform, the prospects for structuring fair alternative measures
  • The possibility of empowering appellate courts to intervene in the face of a lurking doubt about guilt.


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Criminal Law and Procedure


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