Truth-Focused Interviewing for Investigators, 2nd Edition

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Learn how to use interview techniques to get to the truth in investigations

This how-to guide offers practical tips on every stage of the interview process – from preparing for the interview and getting your subject talking, to verifying a statement and ensuring its admissibility in court. Real-world examples gleaned from Byrnes' 32 year career as a police officer show you exactly which techniques work and why. Praise for Truth-focused Interviewing for Investigators, Second Edition ...this book can assist anyone in the business of investigative interviewing. Truth-Focused Interviewing for Investigators is an easy to follow and thorough guide that will help to ensure that the information received from human sources is the most reliable possib... I would encourage anyone to take the tools that are offered in this book and grow to be the best interviewers possible. From the Foreword by Paul Pedersen, Chief of Police of the Greater Sudbury Police Service It is pretty obvious right from the beginning that Truth-Focused Interviewing for Investigators [Second Edition] should also be required reading for business leaders, managers, coaches and parents. Excellent job. Nicholas Boothman, Author of How to Make People Like You in 90 Seconds or Less New and updated in this edition In this second edition, the author has reviewed each chapter and provided further guidance on interview preparation, style and technique to assist in the quest for optimally effective interviewing skills and results. The second edition includes enhanced commentary focusing on the following:
  • the value of positive expectations and honesty as fundamental elements of the better, non-traditional model of interviewing articulated by the author
  • the importance of preparation respecting verbal and non-verbal communication, adopting the interviewee's perspective, establishing rapport, and creating an environment conducive to the interviewee's cooperation
  • the various methods of drawing out the interviewee's story, verifying or otherwise ascertaining the truth in the interviewee's account of events, as well as ensuring its admissibility
  • effective strategies and special techniques for interviewing reluctant witnesses and children


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