Understanding the Commercial Agreement to Lease, Second Edition

Harvey, Q.C., LSM Haber

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This book is designed for anyone interested in commercial leasing and guides you through the deal-making process, to help ensure you make the best deal possible. Harvey Haber, Q.C., brings over 40 years of experience in commercial leasing to this book, explaining exactly what you need to have in the agreement to lease to protect your interests.

  • It is written as a precedent agreement to lease and can help you by:
  • Enabling you to customize your own leasing circumstances from the precedent provided and put concepts into context
  • Guiding you through each term, step-by-step with lots of practical tips
  • Describing exactly what you need to include in the agreement from the side of the landlord and the tenant
The second edition amends the precedent agreements, corresponding commentary and adds new case law. It expands on topics such as the differences between the formal lease itself and the binding Agreement to Lease; updates the lease to reflect the growing impact of the electronic era on leasing; and identifies changes to the Ontario assessment and property taxation system


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Real Estate Law


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