Wiretapping and Other Electronic Surveillance: Law and Procedure (Print + ProView online)

Robert W. Hubbard; Mabel Lai; Peter M. Brauti; Scott K. Fenton

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Wiretapping and Other Electronic Surveillance: Law and Procedure is the only resource providing a balanced look at electronic surveillance from the perspectives of both the prosecution and defence. This resource is the most practical and indispensable guide to electronic surveillance and the law of search and seizure in Canada since the Charter. It imparts a detailed overview and analysis of the issues and includes commentary on relevant cases and legislation pertaining to electronic surveillance. Each chapter deals comprehensively with a self-contained topic, preceded by an outline of the contents, making it an easy reference point for reviewing individual surveillance concerns. Inside you will find information on:

  • The constitutional framework of electronic surveillance and the Charter
  • The impact of the Anti-Terrorism Act on wiretapping
  • Wiretap authorizations and affidavits
  • Crown and defence trial strategies
  • Conducting Garofoli applications
  • Privacy and the Internet
  • Foreign language interceptions
  • Affiants, informants, sub-affiants and confidential informers
  • The investigative necessity requirements of s.186 (l)(b)
  • Translating documents
  • The impact of the Department of Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness Act.
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Criminal Law and Procedure


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