Frequently-Asked Questions (FAQs)

About Thomson Reuters ProView

  • Experience the freedom and flexibility to work wherever and whenever you want, with or without an Internet connection, with Thomson Reuters ProView®: the premier eBook experience for Professionals worldwide. Learn more about Thomson Reuters ProView.

  • The Thomson Reuters ProView platform is currently supported on iOS™ (including iPad and iPhone), Android™ tablets, desktop (Windows™/ Mac®) app, and web browsers.

  • Thomson Reuters ProView is currently supported on iOS™, Android™, desktop (Windows™/ Mac®) app and web browsers. See the latest systems requirements.

  • There is no charge to download the Thomson Reuters ProView apps.

  • See the latest systems requirements to run ProView application on these devices.

  • With ProView titles, you can:

    • Link to full-text cases in WestlawNext® Canada or in Taxnet Pro™
    • Search across your entire ProView library and within a specific title
    • Create a PDF that you can save, print, add notes to, and share
    • Add your own notes, highlights, or bookmarks that will automatically transfer to updated editions
    • Search within your bookmarks, highlights, and notes for easy reference
    • Search within the Table of Contents or jump to specific sections of the title directly from the Table of Contents
    • Customize your display with choice of fonts, text sizes, and colours
    • Register up to four different devices to your ProView account to access your library
    • Access your entire ProView library with one username and password
  • To see the list of currently available titles, please visit the Thomson Reuters ProView information page.

  • You can access hundreds of eReference Library and eBook titles on Proview and the list is continuing to grow. For the most current list of titles available, please visit the Thomson Reuters ProView information page.

  • You can purchase Thomson Reuters ProView titles:

Download, Installation and Access

  • Once your purchase of a Thomson Reuters ProView title has been confirmed, you will receive an email notification asking you to submit your end user registration information. Once you provide us with that information, the registered users will receive a Welcome Email with a Thomson Reuters ProView registration key and details on how to download the application and register the app in OnePass.

  • A OnePass account is a username and password that you create, which protects your identity and the information you access across multiple Thomson Reuters applications such as ProView, WestlawNext Canada, Westlaw Business, Taxnet Pro, and other Thomson Reuters online products.

  • If you have an existing OnePass account, you will need to add the registration key for Thomson Reuters ProView to your existing OnePass account. If you do not have a OnePass account, you will need to set one up, and as part of that process, add your Thomson Reuters ProView registration key to your OnePass account. Click here to update your existing OnePass account, or create a new one.

  • Your OnePass account allows you to access all your ProView titles with a single username and password. If you have an existing OnePass account, click here to update your existing OnePass account, in order to add your Thomson Reuters ProView Registration Key to your list of registered products.

  • You can retrieve your OnePass login credentials by clicking the “Forgot username or password?” option from the OnePass login screen at If you have misplaced your registration key, please contact Carswell Customer Relations at 416-609-3800 or at 1-800-387-5164 between 8:30 AM and 5:30 PM EST.

  • If you have misplaced your welcome email, please contact Technical Support.

  • If you have followed the download instructions, but still don’t see the app icon on your iPad/Android device, it could be because you downloaded the app using your desktop application. To see the icon on your iPad/Android device, you need to connect your iPad/Android device to your desktop computer and synchronize your data using the application on your desktop. If you still don’t see the app, please contact Technical Support.

  • Yes. To access your Proview from your web browser, simply visit the following web address and provide your log-in credentials:

  • You will need an internet connection to register your ProView titles in your OnePass account and to sync your library titles, notes, bookmarks and higlights, or if you choose to access your ProView titles through web browsers. Otherwise, you do not need an internet connection to view content on Thomson Reuters ProView.

  • No. Thomson Reuters ProView titles are not accessible from these reader devices.

  • No. Kobo and Kindle eBooks are not accessible through the Thomson Reuters ProView platform.

  • Whether you are new to ProView or just need a quick refresher, every purchase or subscription to a ProView title includes complimentary product training. You can choose from live, on-demand, or customized learning sessions and earn CPD credits. Find all upcoming and available sessions at or contact our Customer Learning Team for more information.

Existing Customers / Subscription Management

    • For eBooks: If you have a subscription or standing order for a Thomson Reuters ProView title, you or the billing contact for the order will still receive an email notification to confirm/resubmit your end user registration information.
    • For eReference: You will receive communications from Thomson Reuters informing you of the ProView availability of your print subscription, and inviting you to register for complimentary passwords.
  • An email will be sent to the person specified as the shipping contact for the book order, which will describe the process for requesting access to the ProView versions of the eBook or the eLooseleaf title. Once Thomson Reuters receives the details of the end user(s) who need eBook access, each registered user will receive a Welcome Email with a Thomson Reuters ProView registration key and details on how to access the eBook. If you/the shipping contact for the order hasn’t received an email to request end user information, please contact Customer Relations at 416-609-3800 or at 1-800-387-5164 between 8:30 AM and 5:30 PM EST to confirm your purchase and end user registration.

  • Once your Thomson Reuters ProView app has been registered in OnePass, your library will automatically sync when you connect to the internet. If you still don’t see your title, please contact Customer Relations at 416-609-3800 or at 1-800-387-5164 between 8:30 AM and 5:30 PM EST to confirm your purchase and end user registration.

  • Yes. Please browse the list of available titles on the Thomson Reuters ProView information page.

  • Once your return has been processed, the title will be removed from the Thomson Reuters ProView library.

  • You will receive an email notification asking you to provide us with additional user registration information and, once provided, you will be sent instructions and a Registration Key to download the Thomson Reuters ProView app. 

  • If you have a subscription or standing order for this title and your end user registration information has been submitted and processed, the new edition of your Thomson Reuters ProView title will appear ready to download in your Thomson Reuters ProView library once it is released.  Simply Click on the title when it appears with the Cloud icon, indicating that a new edition is ready for download.

    If your copy of the new edition has been purchased on a transactional, or one-time basis, the billing contact individual on your account will be sent a request by email to register you for the new edition eBook - this is so even if you have already been registered for Thomson Reuters ProView eBook access through your previous purchase(s).

    If you are unsure as to how your title is ordered, please speak to the billing contact individual on your account. If you are the billing contact and wish to convert your one-time purchase into a standing order, please contact Customer Relations at 1-800-387-5164 (Toll Free Canada & US) / (416) 609-3800 (Toronto & Int'l).

  • No, your purchased Thomson Reuters ProView title will not disappear. You will continue to have access to every Thomson Reuters ProView edition you have purchased.

  • As an administrator, you can choose to continue to communicate any changes to Thomson Reuters, or you may choose to register for My Account Password Administration to add or remove user access and edit user information yourself.

    • For eBooks: Each eBook purchase allows access to Thomson Reuters ProView version of that same title for one registered user/entitled user*. In order to get access to the Thomson Reuters ProView version, you are required to register all entitled users with us and only those users may access the Thomson Reuters ProView version.
    • For eReference Library: Your ProView subscription can provide you with access for multiple users within the same office location, with the cost of one subscription**.

    * Not available to trade bookstores, third-party distributors, and academic institutions.
    ** Not available to trade bookstores, third-party distributors and academic institutions. Large number of registered users may result in a higher subscription cost than those quoted in catalogues.

  • Yes, you can choose up to four (4) different devices to register with your OnePass account, to ensure that you are able to access your ProView through all of them, and that all your changes are automatically synched across the board.

  • As long as you stay under the four (4) devices limit, you can choose to register different devices to access your eBooks or eLooseleaf title.

  • Yes, you can copy your notes from a previous edition eBook to the new edition. The instructions to copy notes from one Thomson Reuters ProView eBook edition to another are as follows:

    How to Copy Notes (copying notes/highlights from one eBook to another)
    1. While viewing your library, touch and hold your finger on the book’s updated version (the version to which you want to copy your notes)
    2. Tap Import Annotations
    3. Tap the title of the previous version (the version from which you want to import the notes)
    4. Tap Import

  • These are referred to as “displaced annotations”. Displaced annotations are notes from a previous edition that no longer have an obvious place in the new edition (e.g. a section of a statute that has since been repealed and no longer exists in the new edition). In this case, Thomson Reuters ProView gives you the opportunity (if you choose) to assign them to somewhere else in the new edition or not to copy them at all. The instructions to re-assign annotations from one Thomson Reuters ProView eBook edition to another are as follows:

    How to Re-Assign Displaced Annotations
    1. In the book, tap and hold the section of text where you want to add the note
    2. Tap Attach Displaced Annotation
    3. Tap the displaced note you want to attach
    4. Tap Attach


  • Your Thomson Reuters ProView titles will automatically sync to your new device, when you install the Thomson Reuters ProView app and log in with your OnePass password. Any notes/annotations that have been backed up to our servers will likewise sync.

  • Yes, notes are stored in Thomson Reuters secure data centers. Only the named user has access to the notes – for this reason, please do not share your Thomson Reuters ProView login credentials.

  • In order to get access to the Thomson Reuters ProView version, you are required to register all entitled users, and only those users may access the Thomson Reuters ProView version. Also, please note that sharing devices may compromise any private or confidential information linked to your access/account information, or to any notes/annotations you may have made.

eLooseleafs on ProView

  • The eBooks on Proview consist of individual monographs or annually published books. eLooseleafs consist of the supplemented book titles organized into practice area collections. Updates to these supplemented titles are loaded automatically. Our target of 300 titles will be available by Q1 2017, which encompasses nearly the entire looseleaf library.

    eLooseleaf titles are available in all practice area verticals, including:
    - Aboriginal
    - Administrative
    - Civil Practice and Procedure
    - Constitutional
    - Construction
    - Corporate
    - Commercial
    - Criminal
    - Employment & Labour
    - Estates & Trusts
    - Evidence
    - Family Law
    - Human Resources
    - Human Rights
    - Insolvency
    - Insurance
    - Intellectual Property
    - Landlord & Tenant
    - Legal Research & Writing
    - Privacy
    - Real Estate
    - Torts

  • We expect nearly all of our supplemented looseleaf titles (other than those currently on our WestlawNext Canada online products) to be added to eLooseleafs on Proview by the beginning of Q1 2017.

  • No. Online-only customers who cancel will not have access to any archival data. eLooseleafs on Proview work best together in the print and online format, however online-only subscriptions are available. Many of our Customers continue to use both formats and enjoyed the flexibility and convenience of having access to both formats.

  • No. eLooseleafs on Proview are treated as print products. Therefore, a 30-day guarantee is offered with the product rather than an instant trial.

  • Yes. The same rule applies for online-only customers. Online customers receive release updates at no charge for 60 days after their initial purchase of a title. This does not include new expansion volumes added to a looseleaf title (same policy as print-only).

  • As with print, the online only access is billed on a “pay per release” basis. Customers for online only access to a particular title are sent emails to each user ID email address to which online access is issued. The email will advise the users that the latest release of a particular title has been uploaded to eLooseleafs on ProView. Once that email is sent, the customer is sent an invoice for that “online only” release. There is also no shipping and handling charge.

  • These customers are billed in the same fashion as print-only customers (when they receive the print copy of the release).

  • Subscribers to online access who wish to continue with their print subscriptions will continue to receive their print releases according to the usual practice. They will be notified by email notification. In addition, a monthly email will be distributed to all eLooseleafs subscribers, which will contain a link that includes electronic versions of all of the most recent Publisher’s Notes for each publication.

  • No. eLooseleafs are completely separate offerings of supplemented looseleaf titles. Each title is available online by separate subscription. The concept is that of a “virtual” library where subscribers can pick and choose the titles they need. However cases cited in eLooseleafs do link directly out to the full text of those decisions on WestlawNextCanada.

  • Yes. Links to full text case law are now included and enabled for most cases cited in eLooseleafs commentary. This functionality enables eReference users to link out to full text cases in WestlawNext Canada or Taxnet.Pro from case citation links included in the eReference titles. The link out requires users to have an existing WestlawNext Canada or Taxnet.Pro subscription and an active session opened in either WestlawNext Canada or Taxnet.Pro.

  • No. This is not possible with eLooseleafs. A search of all titles can only be done once a user is logged in and only to those titles subscribed to.

  • Yes, customers may search across their entire library of subscribed titles from the library view of the Proview platform.

  • Yes, Users will be able to access any eLooseleaf title from their firm or organization’s intranet. Users with IP address authentication will not be able to use the personalized features such as notes, annotations, highlighting, or bookmarking. However it does allow for the administrative managers to very quickly allow for Proview access to their entire organization without having to set up individual OnePass access for every member of the firm.

  • A feature called IP Personalization will allow individual users in firms and organizations with IP address authentication to make use of the personalized features such as notes and highlights. This option will be the default setting for IPAA customers (see also next question). Each time a user logs in a window will open allowing that user to create a personal account on the fly and obtain individual OnePass access to those eReference titles to which their firm subscribes. (This option can be disabled at the firm level if desired, disabling the personalization feature). The individual OnePass access is necessary to access the personalized features.

  • Individual IP Personalization users will be able to use all of the features of the Proview platform including the personalized functions such as the Notes and Annotations, highlighting, and bookmarking. Without IP Personalization, users in the organization will be unable to make use of these personalized features. The IPP window that appears enables users to choose whether to enter the personalized environment or not at an individual level, relieving the administrative managers of this task. Each user will then be responsible for logging in using their OnePass credentials.

  • Yes, we can disable the IP Personalization option at the request of IPAA customers so that this option is not visible or accessible to their end-users.

  • We offer print “Quick Reference Guides” together with “how to” and other training videos, live training sessions via webex, etc., through the CPD Centre. These live training sessions have been accredited by the Law Society of Ontario and will count towards the user’s mandatory CPD hours under the Ethics/Professionalism requirement.

  • Online access to eLooseleafs on ProView is included with a print subscription at the subscribing location. There is no additional cost for users of eLooseleafs on ProView. Customers will continue to be charged for each new release uploaded to the eLooseleaf.

  • Looseleaf titles, whether in print or electronically (i.e. as eLooseleafs, WLNC, etc.) should be cited to chapter and section number/heading, and not to page or paragraph numbers. The reason for this is that pages frequently change from release to release, and in fact, page and paragraph numbers have never been an appropriate way of citing our looseleaf titles, even in print. This remains the case now that they are available electronically.

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