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A Guide to Breathalyzer Certificates in Canada (Print + ProView online)
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A Guide to Breathalyzer Certificates in Canada is a practical reference guide to impaired driving cases intended for prosecutors, defence counsel, and judges

This supplemented text is a practical reference guide to impaired driving cases intended for prosecutors, defence counsel and judges. Its primary focus is on the issue of the admissibility of the breathalyzer certificate of analysis. This practical guide is designed to be used at trial, to prepare for trial or to advise clients. The organization of chapters follows the natural progression of a typical impaired driving investigation, beginning with detention of the accused, followed by screening demands, the right to counsel, and evidence to the contrary. Remedies under s. 24(2) of the Charter are also examined. Each chapter contains a checklist covering the main points contained with the text of the chapter, plus detailed examples of hypothetical scenarios to illustrate the application of the points of law as well as leading case law from the Supreme Court of Canada, Courts of Appeal and trial courts. The appendices include a historical concordance of relevant Criminal Code provisions, plus helpful checklists and precedents.

New and coming soon to this publication

The following areas will be addressed in upcoming commentary:

  • New guiding principles contained in the Recognition and Declaration, legal effect and potential Charter challenges
  • Changes to basic elements of the offence of impaired driving et al
  • Statutory defences to the new rules
  • Changes to the “Impaired by Drugs” sections, resulting evidentiary rules, and potential Charter challenges.
  • Changes to Sentencing and resulting immigration consequences
  • Changes to the Evidentiary Rules required to produce a valid Certificate of Analysis, and related issues
  • New Rules regarding the requirements to make valid breath demands
  • Statutory disclosure rules

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About the Author

Mr. Pearse has been practising law since 2000 and practises 100% DUI litigation. He has offices throughout Canada, including Ontario, Saskatchewan and Alberta. Mr. Pearse accepts files anywhere in Canada except Quebec.