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A Guide to Navigating Quebec's Distinct Court System / Les particularités du système judiciaire québécois
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This book is intended to provide a practical understanding of litigation proceedings in Quebec. The approach taken is geared towards business persons and in-house counsel in Canada and abroad who may not be familiar with Quebec's legal system. The goal is to help them avoid the pains and surprises that can be experienced by not fully understanding the differences and particularities of litigation in other jurisdictions or systems. In this book, they will discover that the Quebec civil law system is very different from the common law system; and that French language issues are unique and sometimes a challenge for outsiders. Ce guide est conçu pour les gens d'affaires et juristes du Canada et d'autres pays qui ne sont pas nécessairement familiarisés avec le système juridique du Québec. Il présente le système juridique civil québécois, ses différences avec la common law et les difficultés et défis liés au fait français au Québec. Ce livre permettra une meilleure compréhension générale du processus judiciaire québécois et aidera ses lecteurs à éviter les mauvaises surprises qui découleraient de la transposition des concepts auxquels ils sont habitués dans leur pays devant les tribunaux au Québec. English edition A Guide to Navigating Quebec's Distinct Court French edition also available Les particularités du système judiciaire québécois
About the Author
Emmanuelle Saucier, is an Attorney and Partner with the Canadian law firm McMillan LLP. She is also a lecturer and author. Emmanuelle sits on McMillan's National Board of Partners and is Head of its Montreal Commercial Litigation Group. She has been practicing in commercial and civil litigation throughout her career at McMillan since 1992. She has extensive experience relating to injunction applications, seizure of property, class actions, construction and real estate remedies, banking litigation, fraud cases, civil liability, contractual claims, defamation, and issues relating to privacy and technology law disputes.