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2 volume bound

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A Plain-Language Handbook for Legal Writers, 2nd Edition
By: Christine Mowat, B.A.(Hons.), M.A.
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This Handbook outlines the techniques of clear writing for legal professionals, academics, students of the law and the judiciary and establishes a context for the development of plain language documents.

This two-volume edition provides comprehensive challenges and information for both individuals and classes of lawyers who want to learn about the power and positives of plain-language writing skills. The Handbook's extensive research should give readers the courage to make changes in their own writing, in their law firms, faculties of law, government, and other work organizations. New in the Second Edition New chapters
  • Plain Language and the Courts
  • Briefs in Plain Language
  • Securities Commissions and Auditors Take on Plain Language
  • Health Law and Plain Language
  • Aboriginal Law and the Need for Plain-Language Documents
  • Plain Language for Contracts
Updating and expansions to other chapters
  • Includes a full plain-language will with a permission-to-use from the author
  • Reviews of current international legal plain-language books by law professors, judges, and lawyers who are plain-language specialists.
About the Author
Christine Mowat was President and Founder of Wordsmith Associates Communications Consultants for 30 years with up to 12 instructors. Wordsmith instructs plain-language workshops for lawyers and other professionals in Canada from sea to sea to sea. It continues today, under its new President, Chari Smith. Christine Mowat has been a designer and developer of curriculum for writing programs, writer, speaker and facilitator of plain-language writing workshops for lawyers and other professionals. She has spoken at numerous legal organizations and international conferences on plain legal language. Her many publications have included Clarity, the international legal plain-language journal. Her presentations at international conferences have included the Netherlands, Australia, New Zealand, the USA, Sweden, Mexico, and Canada. Christine received a lifetime achievement award from the Plain Language Association InterNational (PLAIN) at their 2009 conference in Australia.