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A Practical Guide to Medical Malpractice Litigation: A Plaintiff's Perspective
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A Practical Guide to Medical Malpractice Litigation: A Plaintiff's Perspective is a practical guide to assist the practitioner in successful conduct of medical negligence litigation. It covers all aspects of the case – initial screening of the prospective client, finding the best medical expert witness, effective preparation for examination for discovery of the medical witness, negotiating with the defence, common counsel mistakes, ADR and the medical negligence case. It contains practical advice, check lists, litigation strategies, insight into proper case management, litigation traps etc. Readers will use the book as a Roadmap as they proceed through each stage of the case. The authors' combined litigation experience of over 50 years provides unique insight into common errors committed in locating experts, screening the client, preparing the pleadings and conducting cross examination of parties and experts. This book contains indispensable insight into the inside world of medical negligence litigation.
About the Author
The Honourable Judge Heather Lamoureux practiced law for twenty years in the field of medical negligence and serious personal injury, prior to her appointment to The Provincial Court of Alberta criminal division. Judge Lamoueux is adjunct professor at the Faculty of Postgraduate Medicine and at the Faculty of Law University of Calgary.
Brian Devlin, Q.C., is senior litigation counsel with thirty years experience in the conduct of medical negligence litigation. He is widely considered to be among the best plaintiffs counsel in Canada in this difficult area of practice.