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A Practitioner's Guide to the Law and Regulation of Market Abuse, 2nd Edition
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Practitioners Guide to the Law and Regulation of Market Abuse, 2nd Edition covers all aspects of the law and regulation relating to market abuse in the UK. The focus of the book is to explain how the market abuse regime operates in practice. After an initial introductory chapter familiarising readers with the legislative framework and key concepts, it goes on to examine the practical impact of the regime in a range of different business contexts.
  • Explains the key aspects of the UK Market Conduct Regulations
  • Covers the scope of the UK regime, and explains when it applies
  • Discusses what constitutes a misleading statement
  • Explains when trading is considered misleading or a distortion of the market
  • Covers tipping and insider trading
  • Shows how the market abuse regime applies in primary markets
  • Deals with market abuse and listed companies and in M&A transactions
  • Covers commodities futures trading
  • Looks at how the market abuse regime applies to the fund management industry
  • Covers the review of the Market Abuse Directive and its implications
  • Discusses the UK's new regulatory infrastructure including the transition from the FSA to the PRA and FCA
  • Looks in-depth at EU level regulatory structure changes and how they affect Market Abuse regulation in the UK
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