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Addressing the Jury: Achieving Fair Verdicts in Personal Injury Cases, Second Edition
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" . . . Roger's book is a must read for all litigators, young and old. There is no other book that comes close in so far as jury trials are concerned." Jack Fireman, Q.C., Fireman Wolfe LLP Learn the skills of effective jury advocacy from one of Canada's most respected and successful jury lawyers, Roger G. Oatley. Gain invaluable insight into the way jurors think and make decisions, with practical tips and special techniques to sway a jury in your favour including:
  • Tips for improving communication skills
  • Special techniques for effective examinations and cross-examinations
  • Guidelines on the use of demonstrative evidence
  • The latest case law governing opening statements and annotated examples of powerful and persuasive opening statements and strong closing arguments, explaining what works and what doesn't and why
This second edition includes:
  • Persuasive Jury Openings: The Modern Law
  • Understanding Juror Bias in Decision Making
  • The Persuasive Power of Identification – Jurors Prefer to Say "Yes" to Those They Like
About the Author
Roger G. Oatley was called to the Bar in 1972. As a certified civil litigation specialist, he restricts his practice to serious personal injury and wrongful death cases on behalf of injury victims and their families. The Advocates' Society and The Ontario Trial Lawyers Association have acknowledged his success as a jury lawyer and his efforts to better the skills of advocates before juries. Mr. Oatley is a recognized leader in personal injury advocacy before juries and in the use of demonstrative evidence in the litigation process. Mr. Oatley has written extensively on trial advocacy and personal injury law. He is the author of Addressing the Jury: Achieving Fair Verdicts in Personal Injury Cases, Second Edition and The Oatley-McLeish Guide to Personal Injury Practice in Motor Vehicle Cases (Canada Law Book ). He is co-author of The Oatley McLeish Guide to Brain Injury Litigation, The Oatley McLeish Guide to Anatomy and Impairment. Mr. Oatley is a past president of the Advocates' Society, a past Director of the Ontario Trial Lawyers Association and a Fellow of the American College of Trial Lawyers.