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An Employer's Guide To Dismissal, Second Edition
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This practical resource addresses each step of the dismissal process with a checklist of issues for employers to consider at each stage. Written in non-legal language and updated with current legislation and case law, this guide is easy to understand, and tells you what to do and what not to do when dismissing non-union employees. An Employer's Guide to Dismissal, Second Edition is logically organized and discusses:
  • Employee/employer relationships – with tips on determining the terms of the contract of employment
  • Specific issues that arise during the termination decision – including just cause for dismissal, providing notice of termination or pay in lieu of notice as well as the impact of an employee's disability
  • Administrative tasks – including structuring the severance package, calculating the amounts owing to the employee, writing a termination letter and conducting the termination meeting
  • Risk management tips and avoiding litigation
This guide also provides you with helpful appendices containing: tables for easy referencing to applicable statutory requirements on termination, as well as precedents that provide employers with a clear basis for drafting termination letters when dismissing employees with or without just cause. This second edition has been revised and updated with new and expanded chapters on: Crown and Public Employees, Unjust Dismissal, Obligations to Provide Reasonable Notice, Post termination Issues, and more!
About the Author
Kirsten Hume, a partner of Harris & Company LLP, is the co-author of An Employer's Guide to Dismissal, Second Edition (Canada Law Book), a resource for managers and human resources personnel involved in employee dismissals. Ms. Hume has appeared at all levels of court in British Columbia and at a variety of administrative tribunals. She provides advice to private and public sector employers on a wide range of employment issues, including discipline, dismissal, human rights, disability claims and workers' compensation matters.
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