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Annual Review of Civil Litigation 2018
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Regularly cited by appellate courts across Canada, including the Supreme Court of Canada, the Annual Review of Civil Litigation is designed to help you understand how new developments in Canadian law will affect your practice

Regularly cited by appellate courts across Canada, including the Supreme Court of Canada, the Annual Review of Civil Litigation has been providing leading-edge coverage of the issues that matter to you. Each article in the 2018 edition is designed to help you understand how new developments in Canadian law will affect your practice. Topics were carefully chosen and written by authors from across Canada. The Annual Review of Civil Litigation 2018 has a truly national flavour, relevant and appealing to litigators in every province and territory.

New in this edition

Over the years, the Annual Review of Civil Litigation has been increasing the number of articles and thus the number of topics covered each year. This edition contains 21 new articles on current issues in civil litigation:

  • Looking into an Advocacy Mirror: The Parallels Between Tribunals and Courts – The Art and Science of Persuasion Chapter VIII – Justice Todd Archibald and Brett Hughes
  • Judicial Notice and the Internet – Stephen G.A. Pitel and Liam Ledgerwood
  • Common Ground? The Doctrine of Common Interest Privilege in Canada – Michael A. Marion and Laura M. Poppel
  • Going for Broke: The Application of Duty of Care Principles in the Problem Gambling Context – Shoshana Bentley-Jacobs and Ian McKellar
  • The Class Action Quicksand (at Least in Quebec): Awarding of Punitive Damages in the Context of Class Actions – A Comparative Study – Anne Merminod
  • Sentinels of the Hryniak Culture Shift: Four Years On – David Alderson
  • Investor-State Dispute Settlement: What Canadian Practitioners Need to Know – Brenna Evans, Najia Mahmud, and Robert Ginsburg
  • Leave it to Them: Applications for Leave to Appeal to Provincial Appellate Courts – Veronica L. Jackson and Sointula Kirkpatrick
  • Civil Litigation and Contaminated Lands: Legal Insights and Evidentiary Issues Affecting Damage Awards – Rebecca Hall-McGuire and Tom Robertson
  • The Loss of Chance Doctrine in Canadian Law – Brendan Brammall and Stuart Svonkin
  • Garnishment under Federal Taxation Legislation: The Requirement to Pay – Laura J. Wanamaker
  • “Fire on Ice”: Why the State of Tortious Liability in Hockey Is Antiquated and How it Ought To Be – Nicole Corriero and Jordan Kirlik
  • Where There’s Smoke There’s Fire? Using the Statutory Investigative Power to Combat Corporate Fraud – Bonnie Fish
  • Common-sense Causation: How a Robust and Pragmatic Application of the “But For” Test Can Solve the Circular Causation Problem in Cases of Multiple Contributing Tortfeasors – Brooke MacKenzie and Alexi Wood
  • Sexual Aggression and the Civil Response – P. Voula Kotoulas and Sienna Molu
  • (Re)confirmation of a Fundamental Right: Four Supreme Court of Canada Solicitor-Client Privilege Decisions in 2016 – Malinda Yuen, Elise Calvert, and Sharilyn C. Nagina
  • Social Host Liability – Cynthia Verconich
  • Developments in the Law of Limitations: Discoverability, “Appropriate Means” and Limitation Periods – Katherine DiTomaso
  • Dissecting Judicial Discretion – Ben Hanuka
  • POGG & Medicare: Time to Fully Inhabit the “Federal Health Power” – Lori Stoltz
  • Developments in the Duty to Defend Intentional and Criminal Acts Post-Scalera: The Case for a Limited Exception to the Rule Against Extrinsic Evidence – Aaron Gubeli

Also included in this edition is a Consolidated Table of Contents, which provides a summary of all articles published in the Annual Review of Civil Litigation since its inception in 2001.

About the Author

The Honourable Mr. Justice Todd Archibald was appointed to the Superior Court of Justice in Ontario in 1999. He was co-director of the Osgoode Hall Law School Part-time LL.M. program in civil litigation. He is a member of the Adjunct Faculty at Osgoode where he teaches the Corporate and Financial Crime and Compliance course in the LL.M. program in Criminal Law as well as advanced evidence and advanced trial advocacy. Before his appointment, he was a partner at Borden Ladner Gervais LLP (as it is now known) where he practised civil and criminal litigation. He has written numerous articles on civil, criminal, and environmental law matters. The Hon. Justice Archibald is also the co-editor of Annual Review of Civil Litigation. He was awarded the 2015 David Walter Mundell Medal for his contribution to legal writing.