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Supplemented book + CD-ROM
$107 per supplement (1-3 per year). Supplements invoiced separately.
Approximately 400 pages
1 volume looseleaf filed to date
3-Ring Binder

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Best Practices: Job Descriptions Toolkit
By: Carswell
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Best Practices: Job Descriptions Toolkit is a user-friendly print-based tool which guides the reader through the process of creating, maintaining and enhancing job descriptions using a competency-based approach. Included along with step-by-step instructions are templates and thought-provoking commentary explaining the value and importance of having accurate, complete, updated and legally defensible job descriptions. The Toolkit consists of three main parts:
  1. Best Practices - provides information on best practices pertaining to job descriptions and the use of competency frameworks for various purposes.
  2. Competency Dictionary - a full Competency Dictionary with 23 separate competencies, including both behavioural and skills-based competencies.
  3. Job Descriptions Core Library - a representative sample of over 100 job descriptions for common positions across various functions and industry sectors
In addition to the print publication, both the Competency Dictionary and the Job Descriptions Library are included electronically on CD-ROM so that they can be used as templates and modified where necessary. This is a looseleaf product, supplemented on a semi-annual basis, with the bulk of the content in each supplement consisting of new job descriptions across various functional areas and industry sectors.