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Book + CD-ROM
Approximately 1550 pages
3 volumes bound

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Bullen & Leake & Jacob's Canadian Precedents of Pleadings, Third Edition + CD
By: Contributing Authors, Bullen & Leake & Jacob's Canadian Precedents, 3rd Edition
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Bullen & Leake & Jacob’s Canadian Precedents of Pleadings, Third Edition provides expert guidance from Canada’s top litigators

A legal classic, Bullen & Leake & Jacob’s Canadian Precedents of Pleadings, Third Edition provides expert guidance from Canada’s top litigators on how to draft accurate, clear and compelling pleadings with a complete set of well-crafted, expert precedents.

Now in a three-volume set, this third edition brings you extensive updates in the law and precedents, and features the addition of twelve new practice areas and thirteen new topical chapters:

  • Aboriginal (New)
  • Arbitration (New)
  • Aviation (New)
  • Class Actions
  • Competition Law
  • Construction Law
  • Contracts
  • Corporate Pleadings
  • Defamation
  • Debtor-creditor (New)
  • Employment and Labour Law
  • Wrongful dismissal
  • Injunctions in the Labour and Employment Contexts
  • Employment standards legislation (New)
  • Environmental claims (New)
  • Equitable Remedies
  • Family Law (New)
  • Immigration – Judicial Review and Immigration (New)
  • Information Technology - IT Disputes (New)
  • Insolvency
  • Insurance Coverage (New)
  • Intellectual Property
  • Copyright
  • Domain Name Dispute Resolution Policy
  • Patents
  • Registered Trade-marks
  • Trade Secrets
  • Judicial Review
  • Judicial Review
  • Recent Developments in Judicial Review
  • Personal Injury
  • Plain Language A context for Plain-Language Legal Proceedings (New)
  • Privacy
  • Professional Negligence
  • Restitution (New)
  • Securities Litigation
  • Supreme Court of Canada
  • Wills and estates (New)

In the accompanying CD-ROM, you will have immediate access to electronic versions of all of the precedent documents, as well as the full-text case law referenced throughout the book. Learn more about our expert group of contributing authors by reviewing their profiles on the CD-ROM or by visiting

“While Bullen and Leake would not recognize some of the topics now addressed, let alone the technological innovations evident in its accompanying CD-ROM, they would appreciate the care and skill that has gone into the preparation of the latest edition of the work that continues to bear their names.

To the many contributors, I say well done. And to everyone who must draft pleadings and related documents, I say do not fail to take advantage of this invaluable resource. Every lawyer can have access to the expert help and guidance that this fine book provides.”

From the Foreword by Thomas A. Cromwell