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Canadian Civil Remedies for Torts in Novel Situations and Special Circumstances
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Canadian Civil Remedies for Torts in Novel Situations and Special Circumstances focuses upon the law in Canada as it applies to new activities and different interactions than those likely contemplated by the legislators and the courts of the past. Having canvassed the legislation and case law across Canada's provinces and territories, Lynn Kirwin provides a four-part presentation of the law and its civil remedies as they pertain to the following subjects:
  • Torts and Law Enforcement Officials – including strip searches, misfeasance in public office, false imprisonment, and disciplinary proceedings
  • Torts in Sports – including public recreational facilities, school sports programs, and the liability of coaches, instructors, opponents and team-mates
  • Workplace Torts – including sexual harassment and unwelcome contact, employer reprisals, co-workers' intimate relationships, bullying and defamation
  • Public Torts – including stalking, internet defamation and cyber-bullying, invasion of privacy, assaults in school, and intentional affliction of mental shock.
About the Author
Lynn M. Kirwin has worked as a sole practitioner, exclusively in the area of family law. She was employed as in-house counsel at Catholic Children's Aid Society from 1990 to 2008. Ms. Kirwin is a co-author of Child Protection: Practice and Procedure and Child Protection Law in Canada.
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