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Canadian Legal Education Annual Review 2015
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A peer-reviewed annual publication featuring articles on issues relating to legal education

Editor-in-Chief: Gillian Calder The Canadian Legal Education Annual Review is a peer-reviewed annual publication of the Canadian Association of Law Teachers (CALT). The aim of the journal is to foster scholarly exchanges on issues related to legal education and is relevant to law professors, graduate students and all those concerned with the teaching of law. This issue of the Canadian Legal Education Annual Review features articles from an array of legal educators from across the country, and around the world. Articles
  • Sarah Buhler: Clinical Legal Education in Canada: A Survey of the Scholarship
  • Howard Kislowicz: Teaching Religious Freedom as Legal Pluralism in Canadian Constitutional Law Classes
  • Thomas McMorrow: Learning to Mediate through Teaching Mediation
  • Maria Nunez: The Law School Admission Council, the Law School Admission Test, and Barriers for Individuals with Disabilities. On My! Leaving the Legal Profession Before Admission?
Innovations in Pedagogy
  • Sebastian Chern: BLOOD on the LEAVES
  • Peter Sankoff and Craig Forcese: The Flipped Law Classroom: Retooling the Classroom to Support Active Teaching and Learning
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