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Child Custody Law and Practice (Print + ProView online)
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Editor: James G. McLeod

This reference work guides the practitioner through all aspects of law and practice related to custody and access in Canada. The expert commentary covers the stages of a custody-access proceeding including interim proceedings, decisions on the merits, enforcement, variation and appeals. This work examines the substantive and procedural law as well as negotiation, tactical and advocacy skills. Alternative dispute resolution methods are considered, as are other topics of current interest such as the expansion of access rights including access for grandparents, child representation, mobility rights and the effect of religion upon custody and access. An essential tool for family law practitioners. This comprehensive manual is fully indexed and includes custody legislation from each province. Periodic supplements keep the law and practice completely current.

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About the Author
The late Professor James G. McLeod was a renowned professor of family law at the University of Western Ontario since 1972. He was a member of the London, Ontario law firm of Mamo & Associates, specializing in Family Law, and also taught at the School of Business Administration, the National Centre for Management Research and Development, and for the London Bar Admission course. He served as a consultant to the Canadian Bar Association and was a regular contributor to Continuing Legal Education Program. He wrote and spoke extensively in the areas of support and property distribution. Professor McLeod was the Editor of Child Custody Law and Practice and Reports of Family Law, 5th Series/Recueil de jurisprudence en droit de la famille, 5e série, the Editor-in-Chief of Canadian Family Law Quarterly, and the author of Canadian Family Law Quarterly - Special Edition “Self-Represented Litigants and Unbundling of Legal Services (Part 19.3).” Until his death in October 2005, he was the co-author of Annual Review of Family Law 2004, Matrimonial Property Law in Canada and Ontario Family Law Rules Annotated 2005.