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CLV Special Report - Functional Abilities Evaluations: Hiring and Maintaining a Healthy Workforce
By: Laurie Blake, B.A., M.A., Dr. Troy Cumisky, M.B., B.Ch., B.A.O., L.M.C.C., Hilary J. Brown, B.A., C.A.T.
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Too often, unions charge that employers are putting workers in danger to hold down worker’s compensation liabilities while employers accuse unions of failing to relax their rules to accommodate modified work. A Functional Abilities Evaluation (FAE) can create an objective basis to assess the physical ability of workers and to tailor bundles of tasks to those abilities. If thoroughly and properly done, FAEs can cut through workplace dissension and help to reintegrate injured workers easily and safely into their former workplaces. This Special Report provides advice on how to implement FAEs fairly and properly in a workplace and copious examples of invaluable information they can generate. Table of Contents • Introduction • What are Functional Abilities Evaluations? • Uses and Effectiveness of FAEs • FAEs and Legal Considerations • Establishing Credibility of FAEs - Choosing the Right Evaluator • The Evaluation Process • After the FAE • Conclusion - Are Functional Abilities Evaluations Suitable for Your Workplace? • Endnotes & Appendices.
About the Author
Laurie Blake, B.A., M.A., is a freelance editor with a special interest in health & safety and human resources management issues. She is the co-author of Best Practices: Human Resources Forms Toolkit and CLV Special Report - Functional Abilities Evaluations: Hiring and Maintaining a Healthy Workforce.