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CLV Special Report - Understanding, Preventing and Controlling Back and Neck Pain
By: Jane E. Sleeth, Hon. B.P. & H.E.(Kin), B.Sc. P.T., CPT
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This CLV Special Report provides Managers, Union representatives, employees and HR Managers with a full understanding of back and neck injuries. The workplace can have a positive impact and play a critical role in preventing back/neck injury and, should injury occur, ensuring a successful return to the pre-injury job on a timely and effective basis. Managers and supervisors can have a role in the following areas: • Fitness and prevention programs • Ergonomics through an internal ergonomic process and using highly qualified ergonomists where indicated • Disability prevention and return to work and stay at work processes • Early on-site intervention following back/neck pain and/or injury Each of these processes has been extensively studied and proven to improve health outcomes, prevent disability and improve the financial bottom lines for organizations which have instituted them.
About the Author
Jane Sleeth, B.Sc. P.T., B.P. & H.E., is the Managing Director and Senior Consultant for Optimal Performance Consultants Inc., a national ergonomic and disability management firm. She has worked in the field of rehabilitation, disability management, preventative ergonomics for more than 21 years. Ms. Sleeth is the author of Return to Work Compliance Toolkit; Understanding, Preventing and Controlling Back and Neck Pain: A CLV Special Report; and Psychological Illness, Mental Health and the Workplace: Canadian Trends and Return to Work Challenges: A CLV Special Report.
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