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Commercial Mortgage Loans and CMBS, 3rd Edition
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Editor: Andrew V. Petersen

The new edition of Commercial Mortgage Loans and CMBS, 3rd Edition is the only title of its kind to bring together all the U.K. and European practice regarding CMBS transactions. It provides you with detailed coverage of the existing CMBS market post-credit crisis and the restructuring of existing arrangements. This new edition builds on the content of the previous edition, with detailed discussion of the latest issues in this area, including the practical implications of the new CMBS 2.0 – a set of revisions to the previous CMBS structures that are designed to remove potential conflicts of interest. It also examines the role of CMBS in the commercial real estate market and the wider debt capital markets. Essential for anyone involved in CMBS transactions, this title gives you detailed guidance on the legal and practical aspects of structuring and restructuring transactions as well as the commercial and strategic context.

  • Provides comprehensive legal and practical guidance on this important area of financial law, giving a complete insider's view of current practice in the post-credit crisis environment
  • Looks at the role of CMBS in the wider commercial real estate market
  • Deals with both setting up new transactions and the administration of existing arrangements, including restructuring and refinancing of distressed debt in legacy CMBS
  • Covers U.K. and European regulatory developments and their impact
  • Includes a new chapter on Islamic financing issues
  • Examines the related economic and technological issues
  • Features a range of practical tools, such as key agreements, and a glossary of terms
  • Provides guidance on U.K., European and U.S. practice
  • Looks ahead to likely future trends and opportunities
  • Includes a chapter on the investor's perspective helping their legal advisers to pre-empt their needs and decision making
  • Written by experts at a leading international law firm, with contributions from investment banks, consultants and the leading industry organization (CREFC) to provide real insight into law and practice
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