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Compilation Engagements: A Guide
By: Shari Mann, CPA, CA
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Save time and get the expert resource on performing compilation engagements. Designed specifically for accounting professionals who prepare compilation engagements only, this resource is an essential reference for practitioners interested in additional guidance on the application of CICA Handbook Assurance Requirements. This guide will provide the reader advice on how to deal with a difficult situation with respect to a compilation engagement, as well as assistance with applying standards in an efficient and effective manner.

About the Author
Shari Mann, CPA, CA, is an educational consultant who has been involved in professional development and education for a number of years. She writes and presents professional development courses in accounting and assurance on behalf of the Ontario Institute of Chartered Accountants and medium-sized CA firms and provides advice on accounting and assurance issues to small and medium-sized CA firms. In addition, Shari is a seminar leader for the Institute of Chartered Accountants School of Accountancy and currently lectures in financial accounting at Ryerson University.