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Constitutional Pioneers - Language Commissioners and the Protection of Official, Minority and Indigenous Languages
International Association of Language Commissioners / Association internationale des commissaires linguistiques
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Constitutional Pioneers is an edited volume on the role, function and methods of Language Commissioners worldwide. Composed of contributions from both academics and practitioners, this two-part volume combines theory with practice in its analysis of these new actors designed to protect the rights of linguistic minorities around the world. The first part places these Language Commissioners firmly in the legislative and institutional framework in which they must operate, and examines the challenges which sometimes derive from it. The second part presents a series of case studies by members of the International Association of Language Commissioners which demonstrate the various approaches, success stories and challenges they encounter in carrying out their mandates. This collaborative volume is an original contribution to the study of Language Commissioners and will be of great value to anybody interested in the protection of linguistic minorities and language rights. It will also be of general interest to researchers, students and practitioners in the field of human rights, political science, public administration and governance.

About the Author

Hermann Amon received his Ph.D. in Classics from the University of Paris Sorbonne, and a Master of Public Administration from the École nationale d’administration publique du Québec. While continuing his academic activities in Classics, he has developed significant expertise in research, public policy, performance measurement and project planning. He is currently Research Analyst at the Office of the Ontario Ombudsman and Adjunct Faculty Member at the Department of Classics and Religious Studies of the University of Ottawa.

Eleri James received her Ph.D. in Literary Theory from the University of Wales, Cardiff. Since leaving academia, she has followed a career in language planning and is now a Senior Officer for the Welsh Language Commissioner, with specific responsibilities for the Commissioner’s research work and the infrastructure policy field. She has also developed significant expertise in the field of place-names as a result of the Commissioner’s responsibility to advise on the standard forms of Welsh place-names.