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Construction All Risks Insurance, 2nd Edition
By: Paul Reed, Q.C.
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Construction All Risks Insurance is a unique practitioner's reference guide that offers you a comprehensive and contextual analysis of Construction, Engineering and Erection All Risks (CAR) insurance as understood in English law. It is essential for construction and insurance lawyers as well as contractors, developers and their insurers. This new title covers the fundamentals of CAR insurance both in relation to project policies and contractors' annual policies, from its origins to current day practice. It takes you through the many processes and pitfalls surrounding CAR claims and provides insight into CAR insurance law, practice and regulation. An invaluable reference tool for those interested in this complex area, this book provides you with all the information you need on construction and engineering all risks insurance.
  • Contains detailed practical advice for those dealing with CAR coverage and claims, including coverage disputes and the application of insurance law
  • Divided into 7 parts, taking you through the key aspects of CAR insurance:
    • Part 1 sets out the basics of CAR insurance including the history of the subject area and how it has developed to date. It provides readers with the structure of a modern standard CAR policy and an analysis of construction risk
    • Part 2 explains the need for insurance and standard insurance requirements in construction and engineering contracts and explains formation and placing of CAR insurance
    • Part 3 provides detailed discussion of the interpretation of CAR policies, giving practical advice on the drafting of various clauses and explains the relevant law in relation to rectification, fortuity, loss and damage
    • Part 4 discusses the wide range of exclusions that can apply to CAR policies and their significance, including defects and other standard exclusions
    • Part 5 deals with extensions to cover Advance Loss of Profits and Public Liability
    • Part 6 explains the claims procedure itself. This section provides readers with a detailed breakdown of the processes and potential problem areas which often face practitioners once a claim has been made against a CAR policy and provides a comprehensive discussion of the difficult areas of causation and co-insurance
    • Part 7 explains other types of All Risks insurance including marine, property and aviation
  • The book also provides examples of construction contract insuring clauses and provides relevant materials for quick and easy reference

CONTENTS Part 1 – An introduction to Construction and Engineering All Risks 1. Introduction 2. Risk allocation in construction 3. Structure of a typical CAR policy Part 2 – The Basis of CAR Insurance 4. Insurance requirements in construction and engineering contracts 5. Formation and placing of insurance 6. Misrepresentation, Fraud and the Duty of Good Faith 7. Interim Insurance Part 3 – Policy & Structure 8. The Policy 9. The Insured 10. Insured Property 11. Fortuity 12. The indemnity 13. Warranties and other terms 14. Construction & Rectification 15. Loss & damage Part 4 – Exclusions 16. Standard exclusions 17. Defects & Defect Exclusions Part 5 – Extensions 18. Extensions to Cover 19. Public Liability Part 6 – Claims 20. Causation 21. Co-Insurance 22. Claims Procedure 23. Proof 24. Payment Part 7 – Other types of All Risks cover 25. Marine 26. Aviation 27. Property Precedents 28. Standard insuring clauses in construction contracts