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Corporate Tax Return and Provisions Guide, 2019 Edition (ProView Only)
By: Ryan Keey, MAcc, CPA , CA
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The most in-depth corporate tax return preparation product available on the market

The 2019 Corporate Tax Return and Provisions Guide is the most in-depth corporate tax return preparation product available on the market, and is the only guide that covers both the preparation of the corporate tax provision for accounting purposes and the preparation of related corporate income tax returns in an integrated fashion. The comprehensive 15 chapter Guide will answer your questions on completing the federal T2 Corporation Income Tax Return (T2 return), the Quebec Corporation Income Tax Return (CO-17 return), and the Alberta Corporate Tax Return (AT1 return), and will assist in ensuring the income tax provision is prepared in accordance with the financial accounting standards. Tax professionals can also rely on the Guide to answer corporate tax questions throughout the year as the issues covered in the Guide extend far beyond tax return preparation.

The Guide is arranged in an easy-to-use intuitive manner to reflect the corporate tax return and tax provision preparation processes. Text boxes and quick reference tables are used to highlight key concepts, tips, and traps. Extensive references are made to legislative provisions; court cases; corporate tax return schedules, page and line numbers; Canada Revenue Agency (CRA), Revenu Quebec, and Alberta Tax and Revenue Administration (ATRA) publications; IFRS, CICA, and FASB tax accounting standards; and other relevant sources.

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About the Author

Ryan Keey, MAcc, CPA, CA, has written extensive tax commentaries on all aspects of corporate taxation and has co-authored numerous books, including foreign affiliate, depreciable property, and tax elections guides. Ryan has also published a wide variety of articles, checklists, calculators and guides available on Taxnet Pro.