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Crankshaw's Criminal Code of Canada, R.S.C. 1985
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General Editor: Gary P. Rodrigues

Crankshaw provides total access to all of Canadian criminal law, giving the criminal practitioner the ability to do comprehensive research yet significantly reducing research time. The 8th edition of this supplemented service has been completely revised with the incorporation of the text of the R.S.C. 1985 version of the Criminal Code and 22 Related Acts. Each section of the Code and the Related Acts is now annotated with • comprehensive collection of reported and unreported case law digests, logically classified • a bibliography of articles dealing with the digested case law and cross-referenced to the relevant digest • cross-references describing related sections and statutes • a complete legislative history showing the actual wording of changes to the section. Other valuable features include • a Words and Phrases Volume containing more than 4,000 definitions relevant to criminal law and taken from case law, Law Reform Commission reports, the Code and other related statutes • a Reference Volume containing useful finding tools among which are a comprehensive index to the Code and the Related Acts, a table of contents showing all of the digest classification headings used in Crankshaw, a table of cases and a table of concordance for all six revisions of the Criminal Code • the text of all federal regulations passed under the Code • statutory amendments proclaimed but not yet in force. A revolutionary two-format method of updating ensures an unparalleled level of currency, reduces filing time and results in no more than two steps required to do case law research with Crankshaw.