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Disclosure, 5th Edition
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Disclosure provides an authoritative and detailed analysis of the law relating to the process by which parties to an action disclose to each other all documents relating to the action. It examines both substantive law and procedure, discussing the "who, what, how and when" of disclosure obligations and explaining the implications of non-compliance. New To the 4th Edition: • Updated to include the Civil Procedure Amendment Rules 2010 • Includes the latest developments in case law (mainly UK but also Commonwealth, Ireland and Channel Islands) • Offers amended forms and precedents in line with key changes in the law • Discusses key areas of change: electronic disclosure, time of disclosure, Norwich Pharmacal and other pre-action disclosure Key Features: • Sets disclosure in context and examines its nature and purpose • Covers both documentary and non-documentary disclosure • Considers the timing when disclosure should be made • Examines the granting of Norwich Pharmacal relief and other forms of pre-action disclosure • Looks at what must be disclosed and how • Considers who must give disclosure, including special cases, non-parties and parties joined to an action for the purposes of disclosure • Covers electronic disclosure and the court guidance on this • Examines the possible objections to disclosure • Looks at the inspection of documents and the potential objections to this • Considers the issue of privilege and the waiver of it • Examines the consequences of a failure to comply with the requirement of disclosure • Looks at information requests, witness statements and expert reports • Covers disclosure in a wide range of Courts and Tribunals • Examines how the Human Rights Act 1998 has impacted on Disclosure • Remains a key text internationally with material relevant to the Commonwealth, Ireland and the Channel Islands • Includes the relevant extracts from the CPR together with related Practice Directions and Forms
About the Author
Hodge M. Malek is a barrister at 4-5 Gray's Inn Square. General editor of Phipson and also co-author of Matthews & Malek on Disclosure. Regularly lectures on regulation and civil procedure.