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Drafting Shareholder Agreements, Second Edition + CD
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Drafting Shareholder Agreements, Second Edition deals with a variety of issues that arise or require consideration in taking instructions from clients and in the composition, drafting and negotiation of shareholder agreements. The text examines practical, legal and drafting issues and concerns as well as the various advantages and disadvantages (and where possible their resolution) of certain types of provisions. In addition to the more common shareholder issues the text also discusses a number of more innovative clauses and techniques. The topics covered include taking instructions from clients, buy-sell arrangements, minority shareholder protection clauses, majority shareholder protection clauses, financial and operational issues and protection from third party claims. As such, customers will use this publication as a practice guide (for guidance on how to successfully negotiate and draft shareholder agreements) and as a workflow solution (saving time and work effort with use of the precedents and checklists), and to a lesser extent, as a research resource (with inclusion of more "substantive (or "what is")" content, such as more detailed examination of jurisdictional differences, citation of a large body of case law and legislation tied to different issues within drafting shareholder agreements).
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