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Enforcing Human Rights in Ontario
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Enforcing Human Rights in Ontario is a timely, straightforward guide on how human rights are protected, promoted and enforced in Ontario. Written by authors renowned for their experience in this area, it is essential for anyone responsible for ensuring that their organization complies with its human rights obligations. This includes employment, services, contracts, accommodation and vocational associations. Written in a practical, how-to format, it covers:
  • Commentary on the wide-ranging changes from the old to the new system – including the changed roles of the Human Rights Commission, Human Rights Tribunal and an overview of the new Human Rights Legal Support Centre
  • The role of the courts in enforcing human rights
  • Practical information and principled analysis to help those representing complainants, respondents, intervenors and the Commission
  • The interaction between the Human Rights Tribunal and other administrative tribunals with concurrent jurisdiction – and more!
About the Author
Mary Cornish is a senior partner at Cavalluzzo Hayes Shilton McIntyre & Cornish LLP, a public interest law firm, and is recognized nationally and internationally as an expert in the fields of human rights, gender equality, administrative law, labour law and alternative dispute resolution. Ms. Cornish chaired the 1992 Ontario Human Rights Code Review Task Force, whose report, Achieving Equality was used by the Ontario Government as the basis for Bill 107 which reformed Ontario's Human Rights Code. She is a consultant for international organizations, agencies and governments in the areas of labour standards, judicial reform and pay and employment equity issues. She has been frequently recognized for her work, receiving the 1993 Law Society Medal, followed by the SOAR medal for her work in making Ontario's administrative justice more accessible and equitable. She is also a YWCA Woman of Distinction. She is the co-author of Enforcing Human Rights in Ontario (Canada Law Book).
Fay Faraday is a partner at the Toronto law firm, Cavalluzzo Hayes Shilton McIntyre & Cornish LLP representing unions and employees in constitutional and appellate litigation, human rights, labour and administrative law. Ms. Faraday is also the firm's Director of Research and Opinions. She has extensive experience preparing factums and written submissions to all levels of court, to administrative tribunals and to legislative committees, task forces and policy makers. She is a frequent guest lecturer at law schools and speaker at labour and human rights conferences. Publishing extensively about labour and human rights, Ms. Faraday is the author of Education Labour and Employment Law in Ontario, Second Edition, the co-author of Enforcing Human Rights in Ontario and Editor of Ontario Education Legislation (Canada Law Book).
Jo-Anne Pickel is an associate at Cavalluzzo Hayes Shilton McIntyre & Cornish LLP. Her practice focuses on written advocacy, legal research and providing advice to clients in the fields of labour and employment law, human rights, constitutional law, administrative law, and professional regulation. Ms. Pickel is a member of the firm's human rights practice group and an editor of the firm's human rights newsletter, the Human Rights Update. Ms. Pickel has completed a doctorate in law at the University of Toronto in the field of constitutional human rights law. She has also published numerous articles and case comments on human rights, labour and constitutional law issues and is a frequent speaker on these issues. She is the co-author of Enforcing Human Rights in Ontario (Canada Law Book).