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Estate Matters in Atlantic Canada
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I highly recommend this new entry in the estate planning library, and I expect it will become indispensable to those of us who practise law in Atlantic Canada. Timothy Matthews, Q.C. Stewart McKelvey Stirling Scales Halifax, NS Estate Matters in Atlantic Canada includes comprehensive analysis and commentary of the law within each province in the Atlantic Provinces. This publication is intended as a reference source for lawyers in Atlantic Canada who practise wills and estates law. Topics include the following • Taxation of Personal and Estate Income - Duties of Executors and Trustees • Probate Practice • Business Succession Strategies • The Law of Wills and Trusts • Estate Planning Strategies • Management of Trusts and Powers of Attorney. This publication provides quick access to leading decisions and statutes relating to wills, trusts and probate law. It includes precedent clauses for the dispositive provisions in wills that pose the most difficult and frequent problems that lawyers encounter.