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Federal Tax Regulations, Summer 2019 Edition
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Speed your research with two comprehensive topic indexes, and get a complete picture on Federal Tax Regulatory topics since Proposed and Final Regulations under the same Code Section are published together. Editorially added cautions provide you with key information about special rules and effective dates needed to properly apply the Regulation.

You'll receive the critical information you need to easily get answers to your questions with:

  • Editorial value-adds, including Effective Date Cautions and Special Rules Cautions
  • Deep Cite Running heads and Detailed Topical Running heads to aid your research
  • Complete Final and Temporary Regulation Topic Index - with more than 10,000 entries helps you find your answer
  • Complete Proposed Regulation Topic Index - with more than 4,500 entries helps you find your answer
  • Preambles for all current Notices of Proposed Rulemaking
  • Cross-references from Proposed Regulations to Preambles