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Financial Regulation of Banking Derivatives, Securitizations and Trusts in China
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This book explains derivatives regulations, securitizations and trust law in China which will give anyone interested in the Chinese financial market a clear picture of financial regulations and compliance. This book analyses the relationship between the financial derivatives regulation, Basel II, and trusts and securitisations, and offers an additional complication by looking into regulations in China. Rather than being an introduction to the legal history of China, this book sets out the socialist market and characteristics, commencing from the 1980s It will act as a comparative guidebook for anyone interested in the banking industry in China and for those within China who are interested in comparing its financial system to the rest of the world – particularly North America and Europe. It is suitable for undergraduate and postgraduate courses and for those who are interested in Chinese law and economics. Readers will find a general comment regarding the promulgated Regulations and Rules in China and a subsequent analysis of the Regulations.
About the Author
Mark Hsiao is a lecturer at the DeFiMs, School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London where he lectures in financial law. Formerly a lecturer in law at Bangor University in Wales where he lectured in equities & trusts, commercial law and banking & finance, his main research interests are comparative banking (China) & finance laws, Basel II, derivatives (China), Securitizations and trusts. He is the author of several articles on banking law, comparative regulations including Chinese derivatives and Basel II.
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