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Guide to Preparing Financial Statements
By: Jane Bowen, CPA, CA, Shari Mann, CPA, CA
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This Guide is the definitive sourcebook for accounting professionals preparing financial statements in Canada. Increasingly complex Canadian pronouncements regarding financial statements, such as those from the CICA’s Emerging Issues Committee, are analyzed in this exhaustive, updatable, three-volume work. Throughout the text you will discover policy guidelines for consistent preparation and technical quality of standard statements and for alternative styles and formats. Lavish use of sample statements, notes to financial statements, and reporting checklists, will assist you to comply with GAAP.

An accompanying interactive CD-ROM, which contains the Summarized Financial Reporting Checklist (Short-form Disclosure Checklist), Disclosure Requirements for Financial Statements of Non-Public Businesses (Long-form Disclosure Checklist) and Financial Statement Disclosures in Microsoft Word format, provides a convenient way for professionals to access a wide range of practical information on specific tasks that will save you time.

Table of Contents: Volume 1 • Basic Financial Statements and Applicability of Standards • Form and Style Considerations • The Balance Sheet • The Statement of Income • The Statement of Retained Earnings and Other Shareholder Accounts • The Statement of Cash Flows • Volume 2 • Supplementary Information • Business Combinations • Automobile Dealerships • Retailing Industry • Construction Contractors • Real Estate Developers • Not-For-Profit Organizations • Volume 3 • Related Party Transactions 
• Enterprises in the Development Stage • Notes and Disclosures to Financial Statements • Index.

About the Author
Jane Bowen, CPA, CA, has been involved in professional development and education for chartered accountants for several years. Ms. Bowen has been a seminar leader at the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Ontario’s School of Accountancy and is currently the Co-ordinator for the Professional Practice portion of the School. She currently lectures in financial accounting at the Schulich School of Business at York University. Ms. Bowen is a member of the Canadian Academic Accounting Association Financial Accounting Exposure Draft Response Committee. She is the author of Guide to Preparing Financial Statements and co-author of Designing and Using Effective Analytical Procedures.
Shari Mann, CPA, CA, is an educational consultant who has been involved in professional development and education for a number of years. She writes and presents professional development courses in accounting and assurance on behalf of the Ontario Institute of Chartered Accountants and medium-sized CA firms and provides advice on accounting and assurance issues to small and medium-sized CA firms. In addition, Shari is a seminar leader for the Institute of Chartered Accountants School of Accountancy and currently lectures in financial accounting at Ryerson University.