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HR Manager's Guide to Independent Contractors in the Workplace
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Given the growing trend of hiring contract employees, especially through staffing agencies, a new "law for contractors" is developing. This comprehensive publication synthesizes the law and recent trends, in order for workplaces to deal with the legal issues that arise, for example: hiring contractors, payroll issues, administering the contractor/employer relationship, performance management, outsourcing contractors, hiring a third party administrator; dismissal issues; tax issues; dealing with government bodies and dealing with tribunals. This book seeks to aid those who are affected by the independent contractor relationship: payers, independent contractors, lawyers, human resources professionals and other stakeholders or advisors dealing with issues relating to independent contractor relationships, such as recruitment professionals. Included with this book is a CD-ROM which includes a Sample Template for an Independent Contractor Agreement and a Checklist on Creating a True Independent Contractor Relationship.
About the Author
Daniel A. Lublin has been named one of "Canada's Top Employment Lawyers" in Carswell's annual survey, each year since 2008, in recognition of his contributions to workplace law and human resources publications. In 2011, he was awarded the "Precedent Setter Award" recognizing him as one of the best of the new generation of lawyers in Ontario. He frequently appears on television and radio as a commentator for workplace legal issue.
Mr. Lublin is also a workplace legal columnist. He has published over 400 articles since 2005. He now serves as the Globe & Mail's workplace law columnist both in print and online and he was formerly the workplace law columnist for the Metro newspapers from 2005 to 2012, where his weekly column was published in print in Canada's ten largest markets.
Mr. Lublin has successfully been lead counsel on numerous reported court decisions at all levels of the Courts of Ontario.
David A. Whitten's expertise and straight talk are widely recognized in Toronto media circles. His viewpoint has been sought by The Toronto Star, The Globe and Mail and The National Post, and he has commentated on employment issues in interviews with CBC Radio One's, Here and Now, and News Talk 1010. He is also frequently asked to speak on employment issues by The Human Resources Professional Association, The Canadian Payroll Association and the Certified General Accountants Association of Canada.
What sets Mr. Whitten apart is his abiding belief in fairness. He holds that the most productive and successful work environments are those in which both the employer and employees are treated with respect. This ethical standard makes him a compelling advocate in negotiations and in court.
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