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Law of Cheques and Promissory Notes (Print + ProView online)
By: Lazar Sarna, BCL, MA, DCL, of the Bar of Quebec
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The only comprehensive treatment of the law of cheques explaining the legal implications of cheques, bills of exchange, and negotiable instruments

The Law of Cheques and Promissory Notes is a treatise on the Canadian law of bills of exchange, including negotiable instruments, cheques, and promissory notes, with reference to the federal Bills of Exchange Act and other federal and provincial legislation that deal with the subject. It is currently the only comprehensive treatment of the subject in Canada. Written by a specialist in commercial litigation, Law of Cheques and Promissory Notes sets out all conceivable issues with respect to:

  • The treatment of negotiable instruments as a medium of payment
  • Their properties and requirements
  • Their limitations
  • Their legal standing

Manage risk by understanding the legal implications of negotiable instruments. This new publication is an essential reference to the Canadian law of bills of exchange and an invaluable tool for commercial lawyers and businesses in managing risk in business transactions. Although negotiable instruments are widely used commercially instead of cash or to advance credit, not all businesses are aware of the legal implications attached to these payment methods and whether the kind of payment is appropriate to the transaction. Law of Cheques and Promissory Notes provides:

  • A detailed review of negotiable instruments, such as cheques, promissory notes, bank drafts, and money orders
  • Expert interpretation of Canada's Bills of Exchange Act and the related federal and provincial legislation
  • Guidance on handling negotiable instruments
  • Discussion of the rights and obligations arising from negotiable instruments
  • Commentary on key cases and extensive references to the case law
  • Insight into modern trends, including Internet payments, electronic transfers, and Bitcoin electronic exchange
  • Tables and appendices, including samples of the various forms of notes, cancellation notes, and more

Law of Cheques and Promissory Notes can be used in conjunction with the companion titles by noted author Lazar Sarna for an all-encompassing treatment of types of payment systems and the international trade issues. See Letters of Credit and Bills of Lading.

Also available as an eLooseleaf on ProView with an integrated search option for WestlawNext Canada subscribers. See all available titles:

About the Author
Lazar Sarna is member of the Bar of Quebec, and a partner at Sarna Neudorfer in Montreal, with a specialty in commercial litigation. Mr. Sarna is the author of a number of books, including Letters of Credit (Carswell), and edits the Government Legal Liability Report.
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