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MacGillivray on Insurance Law, 14th Edition
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MacGillivray on Insurance Law is the established authority on non-maritime commercial insurance and risk. For over 100 years, it has been a trusted text for providing comprehensive and clear guidance through its examination of the most recent cases and legislative developments. Covering general principles, particular classes of business and the parties involved, it is a must-have title for anyone seeking advice on insurance law.

  • Comprehensive guidance on non-maritime commercial insurance and risk through the analysis of cases and legislation
  • Detailed explanations of insurance law and its practical application provided in three distinct sections: 1) The general principles and rules concerning commercial insurance, risk, and loss; 2) Different classes of business, including life insurance, personal accident policies, property, motor vehicle, and aviation; and 3) The parties involved with chapters on insurance companies, Lloyd’s policies, and the role of agents
  • Examines the rules on the formation, drafting, and termination of insurance contracts
  • Explains the key principles of good faith, warranties, and the duty of disclosure
  • Advises on the Insurance Act 2015 as it comes into effect, the changes to the law, and the consequences on disputes concerning the new law
  • Defines insurance and insurable interest
  • Looks at issues of fraud, misrepresentation, and non-disclosure by third parties
  • Outlines how insurance policies are constructed while explaining the meaning of words and addressing inconsistencies in phrasing
  • Covers the rules of payment, renewal, and non-payment of premiums
  • Analyzes the rights of two or more insurers and third-party rights
  • Comparison of English law with Scotland, the U.S., and the Commonwealth

The 14th edition has been updated to include:

  • Analysis of the highly significant Supreme Court case of Wood v. Capita Insurance Services on construction
  • Commentary on the ECJ case Van Hove v. CNP Assurances SA concerning unfair terms
  • The chapter on warranties has been significantly revised to take account of statutory reforms, whilst retaining full account of the previous law where still relevant
  • Fully updated references throughout the book to acknowledge changes introduced by the Insurance Act
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