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Mastering the Conflict Game: Getting Ahead by Exploring the Hidden Life of Organizations
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Conflict is common in the workplace, but left unchecked, its effects on employees and organizations can be disastrous. From low productivity to burn-out and depression, the costs are high. That’s why it’s in everyone’s best interest to stop conflict in its tracks. This book will teach both employers and employees to decode the subtle–even hidden–structures and relationships in organizations, and map out strategies for resolving and preventing conflict. Combining proven concepts with the author’s own research and experience, and written in a practical, step-by step style, Mastering the Conflict Game provides the necessary knowledge, practice and confidence, to play–and win–the conflict game. Also available in French: Les conflits organisationnels : restez maître du jeu ! TABLE OF CONTENTS EMOTIONS AND CONFLICT • Understand your own emotions • Be sensitive to others’ emotions • Emotions linked to conflict and their triggers • Feel your emotions and identify the situation that triggered them CONFLICT STYLES • Competing • Collaborating • Avoiding • Accommodating • Take a good look at your styles ANALYZING INFORMAL NETWORKS WITH SNAPS • The informal structures and how you identify them • Mapping informal structures with SNAPs • Getting the information you need • Problems linked to informal structures INTERESTS, TERRITORIES AND CONFLICT • Territory • Interests CULTURE AND CONFLICT • Culture and culture clashes • The globalization of organizational values • Different norms • Analyzing culture clashes MEASURING AND USING POWER • Change your assumptions about power • Identify all potential power sources • Recognizing what disempowers you • Measure and compare people’s power PUTTING ALL THE ELEMENTS TOGETHER WITH C-SNAPS • How to do a C-SNAP • How to interpret your C-SNAP • How to do a C-SNAP problem summary CHOOSING APPROPRIATE STRATEGIES • Guide for the choice of a strategy • The four strategies • When to use each strategy – and when not to! • Choosing alternatives to your preferred strategy • Conflict resolution methods • Ethical considerations KNOWING WHEN AND HOW TO NEGOTIATE • What negotiation is • The two major strategies • The basic principles of negotiation • The negotiation phases SUMMARY • Mastering the Conflict Game Step by step ANALYTICAL INDEX BIBLIOGRAPHY
About the Author
Ghislaine Guérard is a respected organizational trainer and consultant with more than thirty years of experience. She possesses an M.A. and a Ph.D. in organizational communication. Through her studies and practice, she developed a unique approach to analyse and strategize in conflict situations. This resulted in CASM, (Conflict Analysis and Strategy Method), which she has used to train hundreds of students and professionals. She is a former President of the Canadian Communications Association and an Associate Professor Emeritus at Concordia University in Montreal. She is an experienced speaker who has given invited presentations throughout Canada and Europe. She has published a number of articles on organizational communication, women’s issues, conflict and mental health at work. Her past experience as a union negotiator is at the centre of her passion for conflict management and her abiding fascination with human relations in the workplace.
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