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McCarthy Tétrault's Canada Tax Service Tax Elections Guide 2012
By: McCarthy Tétrault LLP, Ryan Keey, MAcc, CPA , CA
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Know your tax election options and identify opportunities to ensure filing requirements related to tax elections are met.

Ryan Keey, Macc, CA, Carswell Editor McCarthy Tétrault LLP, General Editors: Doug S. Ewens, Frédéric Harvey, Nigel Johnston, Gabrielle M.R. Richards, Rosemarie Wertschek

The Canada Tax Service Tax Elections Guide 2012 provides tax professionals with a handy summary of tax elections available under the Income Tax Act, and valuable references and commentary to consider when utilizing various elections. The Guide can assist tax professionals to identify opportunities, ensure filing requirements related to tax elections are met. The 2012 Edition of the Canada Tax Service Elections Guide covers 300 elections and designations available under the Income Tax Act and Income Tax Regulations (reference is also made to corresponding elections under the Quebec Taxation Act). The Guide has been updated for Bill C-47 amendments, including amendments and additions relating to stock option elections. References to the latest cases and CRA Views Documents have also been added, and the compliance calendars have been updated to reflect the latest forms and penalties.

About the Author

McCarthy Tétrault LLP -– Built on a unique model of collaboration, the firm brings the best of its legal talent, industry knowledge and practice experience, wherever needed, to help clients achieve the results that are important to them. With this approach, McCarthy Tétrault is recognized as one of Canada's leading law firms, with one of the nation's most highly regarded tax law practices. The firm's tax lawyers have in-depth expertise in all areas of tax law, and provide timely, creative and practical counsel regarding domestic and international transactions and disputes.

McCarthy Tétrault S.E.N.C.R.L., s.r.l. – Grâce à son modèle unique axé sur la collaboration, le cabinet est en mesure de mobiliser les compétences juridiques, les connaissances sectorielles et l'expérience de ses avocats là où ses clients ont besoin d'une telle expertise pour atteindre les résultats qui leur importent. McCarthy Tétrault est reconnu comme l'un des plus grands cabinets d'avocats du Canada et il possède l'une des pratiques de droit fiscal les plus réputées du pays. Les avocats fiscalistes du cabinet ont une expertise approfondie dans toutes les facettes du droit fiscal et fournissent des conseils opportuns, créatifs et pratiques à l'égard d'opérations et de litiges à l'échelle nationale et internationale.

Ryan Keey, MAcc, CPA, CA, has written extensive tax commentaries on all aspects of corporate taxation and has co-authored numerous books, including foreign affiliate, depreciable property, and tax elections guides. Ryan has also published a wide variety of articles, checklists, calculators and guides available on Taxnet Pro.