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Ontario Real Estate Legislation, 2018-2019 Edition
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A portable and thorough consolidation of Ontario real estate legislation

This portable consolidation offers the most thorough collection of laws, including:

  • Assignments and Preferences Act
  • Beds of Navigable Waters Act (ss. 5-6)
  • Condominium Act, 1998
  • Construction Lien Act (Part XI Priorities, ss. 72-85)
  • Conveyancing and Law of Property Act
  • Estates Administration Act
  • Execution Act
  • Expropriations Act (ss. 6 and 9)
  • Fraudulent Conveyances Act
  • Income Tax Act (s. 116)
  • Land Registration Reform Act and regulation
  • Land Titles Act and regulations
  • Land Transfer Tax Act and regulations
  • Line Fences Act and regulations
  • Mortgage Brokerages, Lenders and Administrators Act, 2006 and regulations
  • Mortgages Act
  • Municipal Act, 2001 (Part XI)
  • Ontario New Home Warranties Plan Act and regulation
  • Partition Act
  • Planning Act (s. 50)
  • Public Lands Act
  • Public Transportation and Highway Improvement Act (Part II ss. 36-39)
  • Real Property Limitations Act
  • Registry Act and regulations
  • Road Access Act
  • R.R.O. 1990, Reg. 1026 (under the Surveyors Act)
  • Surveys Act (s. 2)
  • Tile Drainage Act
  • Vendors and Purchasers Act

Useful features include:

  • Concise Table of Contents with detailed Table for each Act
  • A thorough subject index
  • Legislative history for each provision

New in the 2018-2019 Edition:

The addition of the following new regulations:

  • Condominium Returns, O. Reg. 377/17 (made under the Condominium Act)
  • Code of Ethics and Discipline and Appeals Committees, O. Reg. 3/18 (made under the Condominium Management Services Act)
  • Complaints, Insurance and other Requirements, O. Reg. 4/18 (made under the Condominium Management Services Act)
  • Timing of Tax Payable under subsection 3(2) of the Act, O. Reg. 343/18 (made under the Land Transfer Act)

The following statutes have been updated to reflect legislative developments since the previous edition:

  • Condominium Act, 1998
  • Condominium Management Services Act, 2015
  • Construction Lien Act
  • Drainage Act
  • Estate Administration Act
  • Expropriations Act
  • Land Registration Reform Act
  • Land Titles Act
  • Land Transfer Tax Act
  • Mortgage Brokerages, Lenders and Administrators Act, 2006
  • Mortgages Act
  • Municipal Act, 2001
  • Ontario New Home Warranties Plan Act
  • Planning Act
  • Public Transportation and Highway Improvement Act
  • Real Estate and Business Brokers Act, 2002
  • Registry Act

Amended regulations include the following:

  • Under the Condominium Act, 1998: General, O. Reg. 48/01; Description and Registration, O. Reg.  49/01; and Designation of Condominium Authority, O. Reg.  181/17
  • Under the Condominium Management Services Act, 2015: General, O. Reg. 123/17
  • Under the Land Registration Reform Act: Electronic Registration, O. Reg. 19/99
  • Under the Land Titles Act: Procedures and Records, R.R.O. 1990, Reg. 693
  • Under the Land Transfer Tax Act: Interest on Tax Refunds, O. Reg. 398/96; and Tax Payable under subs. 2(2.1) of the Act by Foreign Entities and Taxable Trustees, O. Reg. 182/17
  • Under the Ontario New Home Warranties Plan Act: Administration of the Plan, R.R.O. 1990, Reg. 892
  • Under the Registry Act: Surveys, Plans and Descriptions of Land, O. Reg. 43/96; Registry Divisions, O. Reg. 427/99; and Forms, O. Reg. 434/11

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