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Patents Throughout the World
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Provides concise, current information ensuring that no area of concern is overlooked in securing and maintaining patent protection, or in answering a question about an existing arrangement. Each section of the text serves as a fundamental checklist of steps that must be considered in the particular country covered. Experts from around the world have contributed advice and information to this work, which covers more than 160 countries and territories. Divided into Digests, summarizing significant features of laws; Tables, showing how patents are obtained in various countries; Conventions, containing text and summaries of important international patent agreements; and a Professional Directory for referrals. • Consists of digests summarizing the significant features of laws in more than 160 jurisdictions • Complete texts of most international agreements now in force included in appendix • The only resource that compiles all this data in one, well-referenced location • First edition was published in 1924 and has been continuously updated since that time