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Practical Law Canada - Employment
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Register for a free trial of Practical Law Canada Practical Law Canada – Employment is an essential online resource specifically designed for in-house counsel. With time-saving resources and practical know how guidance from industry experts, this service gives you the know-how you need to answer a variety of employment questions your organization may have. Tangible benefits of Practical Law Canada – Employment are:
  • Enhanced productivity – extensive guides and tools created and maintained by our lawyer-editors enable you to address your businesses' legal issues faster
  • Greater efficiency – enhances your expertise, helping you provide strategic counsel as well as quality work product that conforms to your organizations' expectations and budgets
  • Improved response time – helps you quickly create superior first drafts and respond to business partner queries in minutes
Our employment module covers key aspects of this practice area, including:
  • General Employment and Related Topics: This topic includes a wide-range of employment-related resources of interest to in-house counsel covering topics ranging from AODA to pensions to workers' compensation
  • Hiring & Promotion: This topic provides in-house counsel with practical guidance and essential precedents to assist with the hiring and promotion of executives, employees and independent contractors
  • Minimum Standards: This topic includes practice notes, standard documents and Q&As that are national in scope on employment related minimum standards legislation
  • Termination: This topic includes a robust collection of practice notes, standard documents, checklists and toolkits dealing with terminating the employment relationship
Practical Law Canada – Employment's dedicated team of lawyer-editors is at the heart of the service, bringing extensive practice experience from leading law firms and law departments. These lawyer-editors create, cross-check and continuously update Practical Law Canada resources to keep you up to date with the latest legal, regulatory and practice developments. Resources include:
  • Practice Overviews and Practice Notes that provide straightforward how-to guides and clear explanations of current law and practice, ranging from basic overviews to detailed analysis for specialists.
  • Standard Documents and Standard Clauses that are up-to-date precedents with detailed drafting notes, negotiating guidance, opposing positions and alternative clauses that can be downloaded and saved in Word for easy editing and customization.
  • Checklists that serve as quick reference reminders and provide a 360 degree view to help make sure you have covered all the bases.
  • Toolkits that provide a compilation of resources that focus on specific issues
  • Glossaries that decode jargon and dovetails with practice area documents, checklists and practice notes.
  • Updates which feature trend pieces / hot topic discussions.
  • Provincial Q and A's that provide high level overviews of particular legal topics in specific jurisdictions. The comparison tool enables users to compare requirements on a variety of key topics across multiple jurisdictions.
Practical Law Canada resources and tools are extremely easy to navigate, with cross-references and links to related content. Case law references seamlessly link out to the full text of the case and are powered by WestlawNext Canada. This module is available to inhouse counsel as a standalone module or as part of the Practical Law Canada – Law Department offer. For more information or to sign up for a free trial, visit us at