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Records Retention: Statutes and Regulations (Federal)
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Records Retention: Statutes and Regulations (Federal) provides a unique database of the records retention requirements included in federal statutes and regulations. As an essential companion to Records Retention: Law and Practice, it provides a unique database of records retention requirements and direction on classification of records for storage. It contains full citations including amendments and verbatim text from relevant legislation and delivers tried and true searching techniques to assist the records manager in uncovering relevant retention requirements. Create your own Records Retention Schedule and confirm accuracy with the checklist provided. Also included are an introduction, searching techniques, records retention schedule development and maintenance, and a sample records retention schedule. Table of Contents • Introduction • Chapter 1 Records Retention, Statutes and Regulations • Chapter 2 Searching Techniques • Chapter 3 Records Retention Schedule Development and Maintenance • Sample Records Retention Schedule • Index • Record Index • Statute Index • Core Modules (Corporate, Finance, Human Resources, Legal Affairs, Safety).
About the Author

Gwen Harvey is a lawyer who specializes in the law regarding file retention and privacy and security of records. She has been updating and revising the content in this publication since 2004. Ms. Harvey has also written and edited articles and other content on privacy and records retention.