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Riley on Business Interruption Insurance, 10th Edition
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Riley is the complete international reference work, presenting a comprehensive examination of business interruption and consequential loss insurance in jurisdictions around the world, with the emphasis on practice and procedure. It goes through the underlying principles, considers the various contingencies and types of cover, looks in detail at the insurance policies, and explains how to resolve claims in this area. • Examines the different types of cover available • Provides detailed guidance on over 200 charges in company accounts • Considers more than 30 perils and contingencies, including fire, labour disturbances, strikes and riots. • Looks at the principles, conditions, and available scope of modern consequential loss policies • Goes in detail through the wording of policies, highlighting common pitfalls • Covers all aspects of claims • Contains a detailed comparison of UK and US practice and procedure • Deals also with Asia, Africa, the Americas, and Australasia
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