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Approximately 450 pages
1 volume bound
Softcover Cerlox

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Russell on Roads, Third Edition
By: W.D. (Rusty) Russell, Q.C., B.A., LL.B.
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A clear and concise manual on the law of municipal roads.

This clear and concise manual on the law of municipal roads is a revised, updated and expanded edition categorized into 41 established road and road-related principles with supporting legal cases. It includes a historical background to these principles and shows how they are impacted by Ontario's Municipal Act, 2001 and particularly by The Municipal Statute Law Amendment Act, 2006. Russell on Roads, Third Edition updates the author's comments on many road principles in light of recent case law decisions and related legislation. The order of the road principles has been reorganized to keep similar topics together. Eight new Chapters and eight new principles have been added, namely:
  • Road Allowances: Mistakes When Opening
  • Public Lands Act: Roads Under
  • Local Roads Boards: Roads Administered By
  • "Improved Roads" Surveys
  • Private Access Roads
  • Easements: The 40 Year "Shelf Life" under the Registry Act
  • "Seasonally Maintained" Roads
  • Letters of Credit: Municipal Services
With Russell on Roads, you also benefit from time-saving tools, including:
  • A list of historical legislative provisions relating to roads that gives you a solid grounding in this area
  • A table of cases to help you find those cases relevant to your situation
  • A table of legislation that provides a comprehensive listing of the relevant statues and regulations in the area
The book also includes the Ontario Road Access Act, the Public Lands Act, a detailed analytical index, and helpful charts and diagrams.
About the Author
W.D. (Rusty) Russell, Q.C., B.A., LL.B., of the Ontario Bar, having reached the age of 89 decided on "early retirement". He is the Founder of and was the Senior member of the Orillia law firm Russell, Christie, LLP. He has wide experience in municipal and planning law. In 2005, he was the first recipient of the Award of Excellence in Municipal Law awarded by the Municipal Law Section of the Ontario Bar Association. He has been a frequent and well known speaker at municipal conferences in Toronto and across the Province including the Law Society of Upper Canada, Ontario Land Surveyors, Ontario Good Roads Association and various municipal organizations.