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Small Business Quickfinder Handbook, 2019 Taxation Year
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The Small Business Quickfinder Handbook is your trusted source for quick reference to tax principles that apply when preparing business and fiduciary income, estate and gift, tax-exempt organization, and payroll tax returns. It covers the essentials of preparing these tax filings, including detailed, true-to-life examples with filled-in forms and line-by-line explanations, and thoroughly addresses tax law changes and IRS developments, all in a concise, easy-to-use format.

From start-up to termination issues, and everything in between - including employee benefits, accounting methods and principles, deductions, credits, and tax planning - this Handbook is a unique, one-stop solution for your many tax questions.

Here’s what you’ll get with this useful tool:

  • Material that’s organized in a unique tab structure based on the IRS tax forms and schedules
  • Loads of quick reference tables and charts to get you the answers you’re looking for quickly
  • Examples throughout to illustrate how the tax rules apply and how to report items on the return
  • A What’s New tab that summarizes significant current-year tax changes that are addressed throughout the Handbook, so you can quickly get up to speed on what’s changed
  • References throughout the Handbook to relevant Internal Revenue Code sections, IRS regulations and rulings, and court cases so you can dig deeper into a subject if needed

Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA) Coverage Includes:

  • Lower Tax Rate for C Corporations and QBI Deduction for Passthrough Income. Explains the impact on choosing the right entity for conducting business in view of the changed tax landscape following corporate tax rate reduction and Section 199A deduction for Qualified Business Income (QBI) enactment.
  • Fringe Benefits Tax Changes. Provides what you need to comply with the new deduction restrictions for popular employer-provided benefits—including meals and entertainment, moving expenses and transportation benefits.
  • Accounting Methods, Net Operating Loss Carryovers, Interest Expense and Excess Business Losses. These are among the many changes that the Handbook rounds up and explains how to comply with using concise, plain-English Quickfinder coverage.