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Sterling on World Copyright Law, 5th Edition
GBP£ 375*

Sterling on World Copyright Law provides the most comprehensive analysis of copyright law and decided cases on a national, international, and regional level in a single volume. This accessible and carefully structured text covers the key principles of protection as well as giving guidance on the leading conventions and treaties, marking it as a leading authority on the subject of copyright law.

  • Provides single-volume coverage of copyright law, practice, legislation, and related rights across the world
  • Analytical comparisons of the different standards of protection offered in more than 25 jurisdictions
  • Reflects the most recent developments at a national, regional, and international level
  • Commentary on the background and basic principles of copyright law
  • Explains issues of protection and their application in national systems, conventions, treaties, and agreements
  • Examines the enforcement of rights and the different remedies and penalties available when faced with an action for infringement
  • Looks at the key issues of moral and economic rights, limitations, and infringement
  • Summaries of international and regional standards of protection
  • Compares the protection of beneficiaries for owners of related rights and owners of sui generis rights
  • Gives an overview of the protection granted to professionals including authors, performers, film producers, and publishers
  • Discusses the exercise of online rights and the role of cross-border licensing, as well as wider technological protection
  • Addresses the role of European Union law and the application of treaty principles
  • Chart summarizing European copyright and related rights, distinguishing the provisions of EU law and directives
  • Includes the main provisions of key conventions, treaties, and agreements, including Berne (1886-1971), Rome (1961), TRIPS (1994), WIPO (1996), and Beijing (2012)
  • Glossary of legal and technical copyright terms used across the world
  • Extensive reference materials, including international and regional instruments, lists of national laws, and historic documents
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About the Author
Professor J.A.L. Sterling is a longstanding and very well-known international expert in copyright law, having specialised for many years in national and international copyright, computer and data protection law. He teaches international copyright law at Queen Mary Intellectual Property Research Institute, University of London, where he is a Professorial Fellow and has written numerous books on copyright and related subjects.

He is also a barrister, a consultant to Lamb Chambers, Middle Temple, London, and Vice-President of the British Copyright Council and a member of the advisory board of the British Literary and Artistic Copyright Association (the British Group of the International Literary and Artistic Association).