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Straight Talk on Employee Learning and Growth
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Given the strategic importance of employee development, it is important to have a clear and consistent process to guide how you support employee learning and growth. This guide has been developed to provide you, as a manager, with information, tips and tools to help you through that process. This guide will review why workplace learning is so important. It will help you understand your role in facilitating employee learning and growth and highlight the factors you need to consider when determining what kinds of development opportunities will be most valuable for your employees. It will also show you how to work collaboratively with your employees to create individual development plans. This guide also includes a section that reviews the role of the Human Resources department in supporting workplace learning, including its role in supporting managers to create meaningful development plans for their people.
About the Author
Alina Mitchell is a senior consultant with Kapel and Associates specializing in designing and implementing compensation and total rewards strategies and programs that enhance how clients attract, retain, and engage talent. Her work includes developing job evaluation systems, base pay structures, incentive plans, and performance management systems. Alina also has extensive change management experience and supports organizations to effectively address the human resource considerations associated with organizational restructurings and other types of major business change. She also supports clients to achieve and maintain legislative compliance in areas such as pay equity, employment standards, and human rights. Alina is one of the co-authors of Straight Talk on Managing Human Resources.
Barbara Schaaf is a senior consultant with Kapel and Associates specializing in the development of compensation strategies and programs. She has extensive experience across a range of compensation disciplines, including job evaluation, competitive market analysis, the design of salary structures and hourly wage scales and pay equity compliance. She also works with clients to implement performance management systems, including performance management training for managers and employees and competency-based performance management tools. Barb also supports clients in ensuring legislative compliance with respect to human resources matters, including pay equity, human rights, and employment standards. Barb is one of the co-authors of Straight Talk on Managing Human Resources.