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The 2008 Annotated Ontario Legislation Act
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The Access to Justice Act is an omnibus instrument that introduced significant changes in a number of long standing Ontario legal governance statutes:
  • The Courts of Justice Act
  • The Limitations Act
  • The Provincial Offences Act, and
  • The Law Society of Upper Canada Act
The Access to Justice Act includes in its schedule the new Legislation Act, officially marking the end of the traditional Revised Statutes in favour of a modern on-going consolidation. The new Legislation Act – the first in Canada of its type – replaces the repealed Statutes Act, Regulations Act, Statute and Regulation Revision Act, 1998, and Interpretation Act. The Legislation Act, 2006 serves as a sole source instrument for the law respecting the making and interpretation of Ontario legislation and the Annotated Ontario Legislation Act, 2008 serves as a reference guide to that sole source. The Annotated Ontario Legislation Act, 2008 is indispensable to every Ontario legal practitioner. Whether one is urging a court to take judicial notice of a piece of legislation, attempting to determine the application of documents or legislation referentially incorporated into provincial law, determining the reliability or accuracy of electronic reproductions, the enforceability of a provincial regulation, or the extent of the power of appointment over agency appointees, the answer will be found in this work. Providing useful information for the experienced researcher as well as an excellent introduction to the basic principles of the Act for the busy legal practitioner, the book:
  • Is structured to permit easy comparison of each section with its legislative antecedent in the 1990 Revised Statutes - thus providing easy identification of innovation and changes brought about by the new statute as well as providing a useful reference for the application of earlier case law
  • Presents useful interpretations of the modern text, explorations of related common law principles and discussions of related principles and concepts from other Canadian jurisdiction are provided where appropriate
  • Collects exhaustive and comprehensive case law summaries respecting each section's antecedent legislative provisions are provided for approximately the past fifteen years as well as summaries of earlier material case law thereon back to the beginning of the twentieth century
  • Integrates extensive cross referencing of the various provisions of the Act with the explanations and discussions which took place in the pre-passage Legislative Committee study of the Act, and the Explanatory Notes accompanying the Royal Assent version of the Bill
  • Includes an extensive index has been provided to assist in the efficient location of the various legislative provisions within the statute
About the Author
James L.H. Sprague has served as counsel with the federal Department of Justice, the Standing Joint Committee of the Senate and House of Commons for the Scrutiny of Regulations, the Commissioner of Canada Elections, and the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission. His most recent appointment was as Senior General Counsel with Elections Canada where he headed its Legal Services and its Legislative Policy and Analysis Directorates. He has also held various agency appointments with Ontario provincial agencies. He is the author of a number of texts on Canadian administrative law: Macaulay and Sprague's Practice and Procedure Before Administrative Tribunals, The Annotated British Columbia Administrative Tribunals Act, and Hearings Before Administrative Tribunals. A former member of the editorial board of the Canadian Journal of Administrative Law and Practice, former editor of the bi-monthly Administrative Agency Practice, he is a frequent contributor of articles and commentaries on administrative law topics in various legal journals, and was a founding director of the Council of Canadian Administrative Tribunals. A frequent speaker on administrative law topics he has participated in seminars and conferences at the federal and provincial level before many varied government departments and agencies. Mr. Sprague was a recipient of the Queen Elizabeth II Golden Jubilee Medal for his contribution to Canadian administrative law.